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Yarrow Aromatherapeutic Eau De Parfum

Yarrow Aromatherapeutic Eau De Parfum

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Experience the uplifting and nourishing aroma of Yarrow aromatherapeutic eau de parfum by The House of Botanicals. Our expertly crafted and ethically sourced botanical sprays are designed to transform and enhance your personal space, while promoting wellness for your mind, body, and spirit. Formulated to meet French perfume standards, these sprays can be used to clear energy, create a sacred atmosphere, or enjoy the therapeutic benefits of pure botanicals. Please note: this product is not intended for use on the skin.

Yarrow, Achillea millefolium

Country of Origin: Hungary

Ethnobotany: Yarrow is one of the oldest known botanicals used by humans. It is among the six medicinal plants whose pollen was found in a Neanderthal grave in Shanidar (modern day Iraq), dated to 65,000 B.P (Applequist, 2010). The Greek Achilles was said to have used yarrow to heal his injured achilleas tendon, during the Trojan war. Yarrow is considered sacred to the Chinese as it embodies both yin and yang energy. Germanic tribes use yarrow to treat wounds on the battlefield (PDR, 1999). Magical uses include enhancing clairvoyance, consecration, divination, fertility, good luck, longevity, love, protection, release, spell breaking, weddings, contacting other planes (Smith, 1989). Yarrows balancing properties are useful during meditation. (PDR, 1999). My mother collected yarrow as a child and sold it in German markets as a tea. The smell of yarrow is divine, and the essential oil has the most beautiful shade of blue.

Phytochemistry: Monoterpenes (sabinene 14.99%, B-pinene 11.75%) and sesquiterpenes (germacrene D 12.83%, B-caryophyllene).

Aromatics: Sweet, herbaceous, camphoraceous, and floral.

Therapeutic properties: Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antimicrobial, and antispasmodic.

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