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Palo Santo Aromatherapeutic Eau De Parfum

Palo Santo Aromatherapeutic Eau De Parfum

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Experience the uplifting and nourishing aroma of Palo Santo aromatherapeutic eau de parfum by The House of Botanicals. Our expertly crafted and ethically sourced botanical sprays are designed to transform and enhance your personal space, while promoting wellness for your mind, body, and spirit. Formulated to meet French perfume standards, these sprays can be used to clear energy, create a sacred atmosphere, or enjoy the therapeutic benefits of pure botanicals. Please note: this product is not intended for use on the skin.

Palo Santo, Bursera graviolens

Country of Origin: Ecuador

Ethnobotany: Palo Santo has a long tradition of medicinal and ceremonial use in South America, Africa, and Asia. The smoke was used as an inhalant or a fumigant. The aromatics imparts a peaceful and comforting feeling bringing forth healing and purifying energy. The most common used by ancient peoples was to cleanse energies, expel evil spirits and purify spaces. It was used before ceremonies or a accelerate the recovery from illness. Shamans of the Andean mountains still use Palo Santo as a part of curing rituals, to help expel negative energy and toxins from the body. Palo Santo was also a sacred tree of the Maya, using it for ritual offerings, during funerals and to communicate with the gods (Katukina, 2024). The subtle sweet and woody smell allows the heart to become lighter (Kinkele, 2004).

Phytochemistry: Monoterpenes (d-limonene 62.52%) and ether (menthofuran 12.95%).

Aromatics: Resinous, sweet, woody, and radiant.

Therapeutic properties: Expectorant, decongestant, and anti-anxiety.

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