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Noble Fir Aromatherapeutic Eau De Parfum

Noble Fir Aromatherapeutic Eau De Parfum

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Experience the uplifting and nourishing aroma of Noble Fir aromatherapeutic eau de parfum by The House of Botanicals. Our expertly crafted and ethically sourced botanical sprays are designed to transform and enhance your personal space, while promoting wellness for your mind, body, and spirit. Formulated to meet French perfume standards, these sprays can be used to clear energy, create a sacred atmosphere, or enjoy the therapeutic benefits of pure botanicals. Please note: this product is not intended for use on the skin.

Noble Fir, Abies procera

Country of origin: USA

Ethnobotany: Fir is one of the nine sacred woods burned in the Beltane and represents immortality and strength. For this reason, it makes sense to use Fir in any spell work dealing with healing, ancestral work, and past life regression (Witchy Gypsy Momma, 2024). Medieval herbalists extolled its curative powers (Natural Healing Guide, 2024). Represents the elements of air and earth. Its aromatic properties aid with abundance, protection, purification, transformation, rebirth, and regeneration. Use to lift negativity in your home and to foster clear communication or support creative expression. The aromas heighten awareness for divination and spiritual work and is especially effective for connecting with forest spirits (Witchy Gypsy Momma, 2024).

Phytochemistry: Monoterpenes (limonene 44%, B-phellandrene 19%) (Ankney, 2021).

Aromatics: Citrusy, herbaceous, sweet, and woody.

Therapeutic properties: Anti-inflammatory, antitussive, astringent, antiseptic, antimicrobial, and analgesic (Natural Healing Guide, 2024).

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