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Rock Rose Aromatherapeutic Eau De Parfum

Rock Rose Aromatherapeutic Eau De Parfum

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Experience the uplifting and nourishing aroma of Rock Rose aromatherapeutic eau de parfum by The House of Botanicals. Our expertly crafted and ethically sourced botanical sprays are designed to transform and enhance your personal space, while promoting wellness for your mind, body, and spirit. Formulated to meet French perfume standards, these sprays can be used to clear energy, create a sacred atmosphere, or enjoy the therapeutic benefits of pure botanicals. Please note: this product is not intended for use on the skin. 

Rock Rose, Cistus ladanifer

Country of Origin: Spain

Ethnobotany: In Greek mythology, Rock Rose was associated with the story of Cistus, who was transformed into a flower by the gods. The plant symbolizes beauty, resilience, and the triumph of life over adversity (Harnett, 2023). The heart opening aroma is spiritually calming and comforting. It is used for calming nerves and elevating emotions (EO Desk Reference, 2019). The aromatics help align the root and crown chakras, bringing inner peace and a feeling of connectedness. When used during deep mediation, it can encourage feelings of acceptance and gratitude (Starchild, 2024).

Phytochemistry: Monoterpenes (a-pinene 42%).

Aromatic properties: Sweet, warm, radiant, fresh, earthy, herbaceous, and citrus.

Therapeutic properties: Antioxidant, antimicrobial (Science Direct) analgesic, astringent, mucolytic, immunostimulant, neurotronic to the sympathetic nervous system (PDR, 1999).

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